#reallifehealthy day 6

This sounds a little boring but it truly isn’t. You would be surprised just how much delicious food you can make that will you enjoy. That will fill you up and you don’t have to have meat. Check out Pinterest. Google vegetarian meals. I promise you won’t be disappointed and it won’t all be a salad.




True love

True love cannot be defined by any means. It’s a cluster of adjectives; it’s crazy, passionate, complicated, painful – but most importantly, true love is real. It’s that feeling of being inexplicably drawn to another person. Love isn’t about finding someone who you can escape reality with, it’s about finding someone who makes reality worthwhile. – Unknown

Shred 10 ready.

A Shred 10 ready kitchen in 2 hours.

Complete shake is full.

Roasted carrots. Roasted asparagus. Roasted broccoli. (All for salads)

Fresh fruit ready to grab.

Lettuce, cucumbers, celery all cut and ready to grab. And humus for a dip.

We are ready for the week ahead. Bring on the #shred10 !!!!!

#projectpositivehealth #shred10 #detoxwithfood #foodismedicine