So true

I saw this today and I completely agree. Just wish it worked off more calories.



Here’s a good answer – from Dr. Cindy Sholes, PhD, California, neuroscientist, biologist, and expert in mental health including for children, and associate of Dr. Mitra Ray (and taking JP+ for 20 years). When questions come up about the “ratio” of different Omegas in the JP+ Omega Blend:

“I don’t pretend to be an expert on essential fatty acids but here is my understanding. It is the overall ratio of Omega6:Omega3 in the diet that matters, not so much the ratio in a specific supplement. Ideally we should be getting a ratio of 1:1 and less than 4 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3 (4:1) is anti-inflammatory.

But most people eating SAD (Standard American Diet) get a 15:1 ratio which is pro-inflammatory.

In terms of a specific plant based oil an excellent ratio would be 1:1. Our Omega supplement is that or better which is excellent for a whole-food based oil. I am confident it will prove to be a very effective supplement to reduce inflammation and support the health of the nervous system.”

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Changing a bad day into a good day

Turn a bad day into a good one with a few deep breaths. Calm the mind. Let go of the stress.

Deep breathing has a naturally therapeutic, stress-reducing quality that can help you quell the rush of stress hormones that a bad day can bring about.

Take a few moments to close your eyes. Practice inhaling deeply through your nose for a two-second count, pausing for two seconds, and then exhaling for another two seconds. This will help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, thus quieting down your stress response.



A good shower

Another way to turn a bad day into a good day is a nice shower. Along with some good music. Was the stress away.

I’m not sure what it is about taking a shower, but I feel that it metaphorically helps “clean” the negativity. Taking a quick shower, especially one that alternates cold and hot water, can help increase circulation and rid negative energy.

Start with a warm shower and then slowly turn the temperature of the water as cold as you can stand for 20 seconds. Then bring the temperature back up again. Alternate this cycle for 3−5 minutes to start until you can slowly start to tolerate longer durations.


The mind is a powerful thing

This is so true. You have to go find the positive. Once you have found it you will see that it seeks you out. You will find that you no longer allow the negative to have a place in your mind and heart. You will not accept anyone trying to bring negative into your life. Once you have felt positivity and its power you will crave it. It will be the driving force in your life.