Wishing for the old days 

Angel and I went to the movies this afternoon and I just could not keep my hands off of her. Rubbing her legs, back, breasts…anything I could touch. Really made me miss the old movie theatre days where it was darker and you could have a corner to yourself.  The problem with out theatre is that they serve food so there is always wait staff walking around, plus the setting is more open. What I wouldn’t have given to just have Angel lean over and give me a blow job. Damn. 


Trust is a valuable and necessary component of a marriage, and even more important when living a Ds lifestyle. We build on it every day. Renew it through our actions. We also use it to function within our relationship, knowing the others words and/or actions are true. 
Trust is a fickle thing. It is relatively easy to obtain, but it’s also easy to break. Once broken it becomes hard to regain. Still, it must be renewed every day, even when it hasn’t been broken. This act of renewal builds the bond stronger. Actions can just as easy build the trust as well as break it. And yes it will break it back down a lot easier than build it up. 

I recently read an article that said that 1 in 5 people keeps a major secret from their significant other that ranges from financial to infidelity. That’s a scary thought. 1 in 5. In truth if you can’t tell the other person what is going on, that’s a problem. Even if you think they will be upset, maybe that’s a reason to not do it?
In the D/s world I feel that trust becomes even more important. The submissive should not be hiding anything from their dominant. This impairs the doms simple ability to care for the submissive. If they don’t know what is going on, where the sub is, what their emotional state is, then how are they supposed to take care of their complete well being. 
Trust should be treated as a fragile piece of glass. Once it’s broken, it can be glued together again, but will be easier to break and may never be the same again. 

You touched me…

Angel and I met many many years ago through the internet.  While this may not sound strange today, we met at a time before Twitter, Facebook,  dating sites, or any other social media outlet. Those days we used good old fashioned AOL chat rooms. If it wasn’t for her being stuck at a friends house during a snowstorm, well let’s say I’m glad that fate prevailed.

She touched me so many years ago and still touches me today. Although now she also does it with her hands as well.  My life would be shallow without her.