He always knows what I need

When you tell Him it’s been a blah day and you just aren’t feeling it, He always knows what I need.

Had the house picked up.

I cooked dinner, He helped.

When dinner was done and cleaned up He said time for bed. We laid in bed Him holding me. Stroking my hair. Kissing my forehead. Making sure I felt safe and protected. 💜💜


I would happily stand on that ledge. 

I know without a doubt that you would not let me fall. 

I know my heart and soul are safe in your hands. 

I know you will keep me protected. 

I give you all my trust and know you will never hurt me. 

I love you Daddy. 

Miss you so much. 

Our love 

I know there is nothing we can’t overcome. We have come so far Daddy. I love you more each day. 
Sleep well. Day 1/5 down. I know it may seem like nothing to most but we don’t do separation well. Even Daddy had anxiety before he left. The kids have done well today too. That’s always a plus.