Intentions for 2020

Happy New Years Eve.

I know that as a new year starts it can feel stressful to try to figure out what your resolutions will be for the next year. You may even feel like skipping the process. I prefer to set intentions for the year. It sounds better to me. 😉

I found this little sheet to help. Having goals or intentions give your days in the new year direction and purpose.


Be kind to yourself.

I have been reading this book 100 Days to Brave. I loved this passage. We can be our own worst enemy. We really should treat ourselves the way we want others to treat us. If we are mean and belittling to ourselves why would any one else be nice to us? We have to set the example. Speak to yourself…..we all do it 😉….speak kind words. See the good. Be proud of yourself.




When you are feeling down or stressed I have learned that the fastest way to turn that around is to do a small service for someone else. No need to announce it to everyone just do what you see needs to be done and know you have brightened someone’s day or made their day better.