One simple change 

Oh my goodness the air was thick today but I got my 2.5 miles in before it got worse. 
This morning I woke up happy and ready for the day. Much like any other day. But today I knew I had my physical for my CDL. I knew for the first time in a while that passing would not be an issue. 
Yesterday I saw my regular physician. I had my 6 month check up. I have lost 31 pounds in 6 months. 12 of which were in the last 2 months. My blood work was amazing. And my blood pressure which was an issue last year was back down and my Dr was so pleased. She said if this downward path continues I won’t have to be on my meds much longer. Happy news. 
So I go in to my physical this morning and it was the first one in several years that was in and out and that I knew I didn’t have to worry.  
1 simple change is a powerful thing. Yes it has added up to many simple changes now but so worth it. 
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I have to share

Ok guys I have to share. I have been having so issues with eating and getting sick. About 2 years worth. I had been to the dr. Had tests and no answers. I finally got a nutritionist and she took me off grains and dairy. She also said no gluten but I have been off gluten for 4/5 years now. So I did this and I have seen a huge difference. But she also suggested Juice Plus. I am off for holistic medicine. So when I looked into I couldn’t say no. 

I mean look at that!!!! How can you say no to fruits and veggies. 

I started taking the trio while I had bronchitis. I was surprised to feel like I still had energy even while sick. Since then I have noticed that yes I have energy. I sleep better. If I take a few extra vineyard I can kill a small headache and even a migraine. 

I have done one shred 10 and look forward to a new one on Monday. 

I lost 4 pounds. Daddy lost 6. I felt energized. No cravings. No bloating. Loved it. 

I had to share. If you want to know more message me. You can’t go wrong with fruits and veggies. You are what you eat!!!! 

Weekend away 

Daddy booked this beautiful little get away for us. It was a cute little cabin. Just the two of us. I got to cook for us both. We were naked 24/7 for three days. Sex three times a day. Hot tub. Naps. Laughing. Reading. Just time together. Much needed time to recharge. To love each other. To serve Him. 

I can’t wait till we can do it again. 

Great song 

Worn and haggard, weathered and tornDrug through the keyhole of that back door

Blood shot red behind these shades

I look like hell, yes, I’ve seen better days
And then those loving arms—they pull me back in

And there you go, baby, yeah, making me look good again
I’m rust on a barbed wire, I’m dust on a chrome yeah

Yes I’m the heart that bleeds in an old country song
And then those loving arms—they pull me back in

And there you go, baby, yeah, making me look good again
Leather and lace, denim and pearls,

Whiskey and wine, they go just fine, like you and me, girl

When you smile at me and say, there ain’t no better place

Than you’d rather be than right here loving me
Standing in that kitchen, it’s been a long day at work

And she slips her hands right under my shirt
Oh, with those loving arms she pulls me back in

And there you go, baby, yeah, making me look good again
There you go, baby, making me look good again

Just like before. 

What have we been looking for? 

That is a question we have been asking ourselves that for a while now. We seem to have lost our way a little bit. There seems to be more issues than good times. 

Today we had a date. We went to the movies. We ran errands. No issues. I miss the days when we woke up and all was good. We would do the things the day required. Smiles and kisses and hugs. There was a time we were the couple everyone was jealous of. I miss that. 

I’m not sure how to keep the good we have today. I know there has to be a way. We are just struggling a little bit right now. 

Maybe we need to change how we look at us. Maybe we have been looking for the bad. I will be looking for the good in both of us from now no. 

PSA of sorts. 

Shiny new toy syndrome. 
I think everyone has fallen victim to this. 

You know when you have a friend….in person, on line, pin-pal, it doesn’t matter the nature of the friendship. This friend gives you their time. They spend the time to answer your texts. Your phone calls. Your emails. And maybe if you’re lucky you get to see this person in person and they spare time for you. 
But then something happens and a bright new shiny toy catches their eye. They get distracted and seem to forget about you. 
All of a sudden you get those one word answers in text message. A half assed answer in email. No return call to your message. And heaven helps us you may just get those emojis as an answer. 
Now o will say being a friend can mean something different to each person but the basics are the same. If you say you care about some one then you shouldn’t make them chase you or question your loyalty. 
Yes everyone may get busy but it takes two seconds to tell someone you’re busy and you will get back to them with something better than …..ok, you’re so sweet, or just yes. 
The time you put into a relationship should be equal. 
Now while these friends are distracted with their new shiny toy and have forgotten about you they still expect you to be there when those toys break or the shine wears off. 
Now when they deem it time to make you a priority again and you feel the need to not return the gesture they will for sure call you out on your decision. They will ask what’s your problem. Why are you being so short? They seem to forget how they had been treating you. 
I truly believe these people should come with warning labels. “Warning….easily distracted by shiny new toys” 

That would definitely make life easier. 

Fork in the road 

I think in any relationship marriage, friendship, dating, Ds that at some point you will find that one person seems to be a little bit further along the road. Everyone grows, and learns at a different pace. There are many things that affect that. Happiness, sadness, loss, gain, anger. It’s how you come out the other side that defines where you are on the path. What do you do when you find that you still love each other but are in different places? 

Can you still be happy? Be happy together? 

I think it’s a little unfair to make the one you love feel bad over being in a different place. Or try to make them step back to be in line with you. 

Just as it’s unfair for the one that has grown to make the other one leap to match their place in life. 

Is it possible to still be a happy couple and not be in the same place? 

How do you navigate this life change?