In your arms

“What I want is to linger here, in your heartbeat, the soft void of your breath, and warmth of your smooth skin – let the world drift, and memories fade, let time crumble – in your arms.” ~ Helaena Moon ❤️


Why not give it a try

Read this list. Tell me how many you eat each day??

Here are a few with what they help with.

Acerola berry.

••••manages diabetes

••••prevents cancer

••••anti aging

••••boots immunity


••••aids in digestion

••••cardiovascular health

••••respiratory health


••••stomach disorders

••••dental health


••••heart problems.

Why wouldn’t you want to get 30 fruits and veggies everyday!!!????


Are you missing it all?

Are you taking the time to see all the miracles in your life? Or are you too busy letting life run you that you are missing them?

We have to make sure we are running our lives our way. We can get too busy and feel life we are being pulled a million directions. It’s in that frantic time that we are more open to negativity, depression, and we miss all the good and uplifting things we have in our life. We miss all the things that are here to lift us and replenish our positivity bucket each day.

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Like what!? Hold on a minute⬇⬇⬇⬇

GREAT NEWS!!! I am happy to say that CACE, The Center For Advancement in Cancer Education endorses Juice Plus and has NO financial ties to the company. They make zero profit from endorsing Juice Plus and recommending it to patients.

This is HUGE when there are still SO MANY oncologists telling their patients that they should not take vitamins & antioxidants during chemo and radiation. Unfortunately the doctors that are not familiar with Juice Plus, and don’t do their homework, lump it into the “vitamin” category when in fact it is NOT a synthetic “vitamin” at all. Here is what CACE says in their literature about JP+. “The quantity and quality of independent research on JP+ is most impressive…especially in terms of bioavailability of cancer preventing antioxidants, immune system support and reduction of DNA damage. JP+ is an excellent way to assure you’re getting the current USDA recommendation of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which as thousands of studies demonstrate – can help prevent cancer.”


Antioxidants primarily come from fruits and vegetables and are what protect our cells from disease. So in order to not get cancer or any other illness we MUST have LOTS of antioxidants flowing through our bloodstream every single day and least 9-13/day!

***The Center For Advancement In Cancer Education (CACE) makes this statement based on information from NCI. If people practiced dietary excellence as much as 75% of cancer would be avoided. Prostate 75% less cancer diagnosis’s, 75% Colon, 70% Breast, 70% Pancreatic, 50% Uterine, 35% Stomach….New research indicates these may actually be low. . (Look in peoples grocery carts next time your go shopping and see how much real food vs fake food people have in their carts). Cancer is the leading cause of death in children (as far as diseases).

According to The National Cancer Institute (NCI) 1 in 3 cancer deaths is diet related and many health professionals believe it to be much higher

There is NOTHING a person can take with or without a prescription that has been proven to do in the body what Juice Plus+ has been proven to do. (a claim the company can now make)


Best decision ever

When my dear friend @thecoastalmermaidllc told me about Juice Plus, I couldn’t say no.

30 fruits and veggies in a capsule!!!

How could I say no? I know that no matter how many servings of fruits and veggies I eat each day I could never get close to that many.

Our bodies were made to repair and renew itself. But it need nutrients to do that.

We live in a world where you’re handed an over the counter or persecution drug or “vitamin” to fix the symptoms you have. Never really treating the root of the problem.

I knew for me that side effects of things I had been given in in the past were enough for me to want a life that was holistic and as whole food close as I could find.

Juice Plus has been that answer.

Once I had been on this amazing product for a month or so I made the decision to join the company for a couple of reasons.

1. To help my friends and family have a healthy life.

2. To earn extra money.

I made that decision before I had heard any of the amazing stories of how Juice Plus had helped so many people. And before I had seen the research on how it helps with so many things.

It has absolutely been the best decision I have made. We as a family live a Shred life. Whole food based lifestyle. I know that I can fill the gaps with these 30 fruits and veggies in a capsule and in a protein shake. We are happier and healthier.

I turn to my vineyard capsules when I feel I need help with energy, or have a headache. They really to help. I also double up when traveling, or feel like I might be getting sick. As a result I haven’t been sick since May even with school starting and all the germs that are shared on that bus.

This has been life changing for us as a family. I can’t believe that Juice Plus has been around for 25 years!!!!! I wish I had been introduced to it sooner.

If you’re looking for a way to build up your immune system this really is the best way. If you’re looking for the answer to having a healthier lifestyle this is it!!!!




Sense of humor

Try to find someone with a sense of humor.

That’s an important thing to have because

when you get into an argument, one of

the best ways to diffuse it is to be funny.

You don’t want to hide away from a point,

because some points are serious, but you’d

rather have a discussion that was a discussion,

rather than an argument.

~Ed Sheeran

I love you ….

I love you so much my love

I love you and my love is not empty

I love you and my love is not out of commitment

I love you and my love is not only passion

I love you and my love is not customary

I love you so much my love

I love you because I cry when you’re not

I love you because I intoxicate your scent

I love you because your words calm me down

I love you because my heart throbs thanks to you

I love you and my existence makes sense only if you are next to me.

I love you so much my love