Day 4 Shred.

Exercise done.

Shake done.

Day 4. Lets go!!!




Love these things

I know the results aren’t the same for everyone but these little capsules saved me from a ton of itching. I decided to take these little gems instead of an over the counter medicine. Last night we enjoyed some fireworks at a friends house and the Miskitos enjoy making a feast of my legs. So needless to say I was itchy when we got home. I took 2 of each for a second time yesterday and luckily since they are fruits and veggies you cannot overdose. Woke up this morning with no bumps and no itching. The power of Whole Foods!!!!

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The power of food

2 years ago I was tired, moody and not myself. Part of that problem was I was not getting the nutrition I needed. What I didn’t realize that by saying yes to these beautiful little capsules I would have my life back. #energy #sleep #happy #health #momlife #plantpower #wholefoodconcentrates 🍏🍌🍐🍇🍓🍋🍅🍆🥑🥦🥒 #projectpositivehealth