The long weekend

You know it’s going to be a great weekend when you get this text before you leave work on Friday.

“I figure I have 3 days to use you as a fuck toy. Fuck you how I want, when I want, what hole I want. If I want a blow job, I expect my cock sucked. If I want to bend you over for a quickie, you will happily spread your pussy for me.”

It has been a great long weekend. Full of time just spent together. Food. Sex. Sex. Oh and sex. Just as promised.

He always knows what I need

When you tell Him it’s been a blah day and you just aren’t feeling it, He always knows what I need.

Had the house picked up.

I cooked dinner, He helped.

When dinner was done and cleaned up He said time for bed. We laid in bed Him holding me. Stroking my hair. Kissing my forehead. Making sure I felt safe and protected. 💜💜