I love this tower!!!! From my tower to my lunch!!!! Yummy.

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Love what you have

Finding love for what you have sounds like a simple thought. When you really think about it it is simple. But life gets busy and hectic and you can lose sight of all you have to be thankful for and to love. Try to take a moment at least once a day to find those things you are thankful for. You will see you have everything you need.


A new twist

I did borrow this from a dear friend but the message is so strong. Being positive takes a change in how you think. How you look at the world around you. How you see things. It really is as simple as changing how you word things. Being grateful for things you have can be the easy place to start. Remember what you focus on you bring more of into your life. Make sure you are focusing on the positive.


Let it go

Learning to let things go is a lesson that took years. Once you realize that the only person you can change is you it lifts a huge weight off of you.

If you are not happy with something you can change it or find peace with it and let it go.

Finding peace with things that are not yours to change and letting them go will change your outlook on everything. It all starts with how you think about things.

Look for the positive in everything.

Look for the good in everyone.

Focus on the things you are thankful for.

Find a way to serve someone else.

These things will change your way of thinking.