Time and attention

Time is an expensive commodity.
When someone is willing to spend their time with you it’s a great gift. One to not be taken lightly.
Giving your time to someone should be seen as a gift.
Attention is something we crave.
We never want to be made to feel like we are a convenience.
When we carve out time for someone we want it to mean just as much to them as it does to us. When we give attention to someone we want that same attention given in return.
Time and attention seems small but truly it is not.

I am evolving

I am loving this #barreblend workout. Not only is it an amazing workout that is low impact. It starts the day off on a good foot.

I am evolving.
I am growing.
I am making it through each workout a little stronger each day.
I am embracing the changes that come.
I look for friendships that elevate me.
I want friendships that change and evolve with me.