About Us

What is there to say about us?  Overall I think most people would find us a rather boring couple.  Family people with a darker side.  No glitz or glammer in our house.

We quite literally found this world by accident.  Baby Girl had a sexual awakening and discovered the D/s world and found that’s who she really was.  A submissive.  She found, to her delight and satisfaction, that she was not crazy.  That her thoughts were not strange.  That other people  lived as she desired.

Daddy has always been a sexual person but when Baby Girl found her submissive self, he began walking the dominant path.  We tried living as a D/s couple and it wasn’t until we both discovered our nature as a DD/bg that we began living it happily.

She serves and cares for him.  He protects and provides for her.  Sharing a bond.  She needing him as much as he needs her.

This blog is but a small glimpse into our world.  An outlet for Baby Girl to share, with a few tidbits from Daddy thrown in.

20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Babygirl & Daddy,
    Just dropping in and looking around.
    We don’t blog, as you’ve probably figured out by now, but you’ll see us around – we have a few mutual friends in the blogosphere.
    Happy to meet you!

    Ash and Alder


    • Yes I have noticed. I looked and you just have a bio. Please feel free to look and comment. I can use all the help offered and support.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Happy to meet you as well.
      Daddy and Baby girl


  2. Hi, Glad you like reading about Miss S and my sexy shenanigans, she’s one VERY sexy lady whom I’m lucky to have in my life. Contrary to how she treats me sometimes (Yes I’m dying to make love to her and its only been 2 days!!) in the bedroom she does Love me very as do I her.
    Stevie x


  3. I do. It sure looks like your both in a very loving/protective relationship which in today’s day and age is a blessing 🙂
    Miss S sure does “always” get her way and I’m very happy for that to continue for as long as she wishes. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely the man of the house and even in the bedroom from time to time too hehe. But I personally find it such huge turn on to out her needs first – she means everything to me so why not. As long as shes happy its all that really matters isn’t it? 🙂

    Stevie xxx

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    • I think that it is hard to find a man that is willing to put his woman’s wants and desired before his. I think that it shows a great deal of love and passion for the woman. I am a complete sub through and through and I wouldn’t have it any other way but Daddy is kind and puts my needs first too and that makes me feel loved and taken care of.

      It is unusual to see relationships now a days that show real love and compassion for the partner. I love that about the life style.


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  4. Couldn’t agree more M, we are both lucky to have found partners who we can this lifestyle with. 🙂 🙂

    As I said before it may look like Miss S is being very selfish but we discovered a while ago we both love putting her first when it comes to our sexy bedroom antics 🙂 she always gets to have at least one orgasm whereas when we first met I would do the usual man thing have my way and that would be that we would both enjoy sex but discovering this new way of life (her needs first) our love making has developed to a new far more attentive from my perspective level.
    We are both VERY happy even if it doesn’t really look like it…when she says no your nor gonna cum tonight my Love for her grows exponentially!! She just pushed it to another level with putting her panties back on her when she’s done for the night. Don’t even get me started on her new toy….she used to hate them….now….oh my….I’ll be lucky if I ever get in her panties again. Sigh.


    Stevie xxx

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