Sex and submission

Being submissive I have never thought about there being different types of sex. However yesterday I was wanting different. In our Ds relationship I can initiate but tend to leave that to Him.

Yesterday He was off and He had said that we would have the house to ourselves when I got home from work. I said that sounded great. I try not to expect anything but I wanted hot and passionate sex. I wanted to be taken as soon as I walked in. That was not what happened. I came home i did not get a hug or a kiss. I put my stuff away and I asked permission to change just like always. He followed me upstairs and while I was changing He kissed me and laid me on the bed.

It was then that i realized that there was different types of sex and this was not what I wanted. I knew because of my head-space at the time that I would not cum or at least it would not be an easy  time getting there. He knew it too and so he pulled out the toy and made sure that I would have an orgasm. He made sure that I had a couple before He finished.

I wanted different.

I wanted something else.

At bed time after being in bed I wanted to get the passionate sex I felt I deserved. I know that some may say as a submissive the word deserve is too strong. I would agree but as a submissive I know He allows me to have some say in the bedroom. I don’t take that right for granted nor do I use it often but I was going to last night. I will say I was successful. Passionate sex that made me cum hard.

It was an interesting epiphany, one that I am surprised I have not had before.

2 thoughts on “Sex and submission

  1. Daddy allows me the freedom to ask for what I want and even change directions mid sex depending on my head space and needs. In our relationship, a big part of His pleasure is knowing that He took care of my needs. i am 100% in the belief that a sub deserves good sex unless it’s agreed upon in the relationship negotiations that her orgasms and pleasure are secondary to His. Glad you got your needs me. 😉

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