He always knows what I need

When you tell Him it’s been a blah day and you just aren’t feeling it, He always knows what I need.

Had the house picked up.

I cooked dinner, He helped.

When dinner was done and cleaned up He said time for bed. We laid in bed Him holding me. Stroking my hair. Kissing my forehead. Making sure I felt safe and protected. 💜💜

Too much.

I know I can be a lot. I have been told many times.

You’re too happy.

You’re too positive.

You’re too abrasive.

All I can say is sorry not sorry. I am who I am. I can always tell when the people I am talking to are done with me.

They stop responding.

But why???

Oh yes. I called you out on your own bullshit and I won’t pussy foot around you to make you feel better.

Oh well.

Love me or leave me. That’s your choice. But it will be your loss too.

Life is too short to always be looking for that low. You’re alive. You are here. It’s. Good day.

Sex and submission

Being submissive I have never thought about there being different types of sex. However yesterday I was wanting different. In our Ds relationship I can initiate but tend to leave that to Him.

Yesterday He was off and He had said that we would have the house to ourselves when I got home from work. I said that sounded great. I try not to expect anything but I wanted hot and passionate sex. I wanted to be taken as soon as I walked in. That was not what happened. I came home i did not get a hug or a kiss. I put my stuff away and I asked permission to change just like always. He followed me upstairs and while I was changing He kissed me and laid me on the bed.

It was then that i realized that there was different types of sex and this was not what I wanted. I knew because of my head-space at the time that I would not cum or at least it would not be an easy  time getting there. He knew it too and so he pulled out the toy and made sure that I would have an orgasm. He made sure that I had a couple before He finished.

I wanted different.

I wanted something else.

At bed time after being in bed I wanted to get the passionate sex I felt I deserved. I know that some may say as a submissive the word deserve is too strong. I would agree but as a submissive I know He allows me to have some say in the bedroom. I don’t take that right for granted nor do I use it often but I was going to last night. I will say I was successful. Passionate sex that made me cum hard.

It was an interesting epiphany, one that I am surprised I have not had before.