When you are feeling down or stressed I have learned that the fastest way to turn that around is to do a small service for someone else. No need to announce it to everyone just do what you see needs to be done and know you have brightened someone’s day or made their day better.


Time to get happy

A little exercise is always good. It’s good for the head. For the soul and for the body. It’s a great way to relieve stress. To clean out the cobwebs in the brain. It’s a great way to just turn a down day into an up day. Especially if you pair it with some great music.


Just saying.

Thanks to Victoria for introducing me to these awesome “magic capsules”, Jim and myself have not had the flu or a cold in 3 years!!!!! No flu shots. You all know before I was at AWC I was driving a school bus and those lovely little ones share everything!!! I don’t go a day without my Juice Plus. Some days 2 times. My immune system has never been so strong.

Not magic one time capsules. It’s an everyday whole food nutrition.



Mantras are great things to have. They are great to say to yourself first thing in the morning. I say mine through out the day. I challenge you to find your mantra or mantras and share if you are willing.

I am happy.

I am loved.

I am enough.

Just one of mine.



How often do we allow our thoughts to get the better of us? How often do we believe that little Debbie downer in our head?? It is easy to let the negativity take over.

Finding that positive place can take work but it’s is so worth it. Looking for the good can make all the difference.