Starting a little early.

This will be started today. I prefer to start at the beginning of the week rather than wait till January 1st.

It takes some time to set intentions. I have been pondering for several weeks. Now it is time to put them on paper. Once that is done then I plan on sharing with Him so that I have someone to hold me accountable. Someone to be there to help and cheer me on.

Being present in life is so important to me. Things have changed in our lives and I see more changed coming. I want to participate in moments and not just see them as things to check off as done. I have noticed that by participating I have forgotten to take pictures of what we were doing.

Being positive and having positive things and people in my life is important.

Having a vision board is a great way to make your intentions visible. Keeping them in a journal is also helpful.

While working on your intentions for the year, month, week or day give yourself feedback so you can see that you are getting things done and that you are moving forward.

Having fun is always important. If you’re not happy or having fun change what you are doing.



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