Healthy living.

SHRED10 you’re my favorite!!

The company I work for created a 10 day clean eating program that is completely life changing.

The Shred10 went from being a program that was a huge lifestyle shift for me, into now being my way of life.

My body, cravings, muscles and mind clarity have all completely changed because of this program.

It’s doable and reliable!

There’s one coming up July 9 if you want to see what it does for you!


Thankful Part 2

Part of our dynamic and lifestyle is sexual obedience.  I have pretty varied tastes and moods when it comes to sexual activity and I particularly enjoy having what I want, when I want it.  Angel is very sexually obedient.  She has a high sex drive anyway, but also a strong desire to please me.  She never says no to anything I want, and frankly, I think she gets almost as much pleasure from pleasing me as she does from an orgasm.

Last night all I wanted to do was lay back and relax while having my cock pleased.  She dutifully, and happily obliged by giving me an amazing blow job.  In her head it was an “anything to please Him” attitude.

This is how she thinks and I’m thankful for her: