I love my @towergardenofficial!!!!! I know that my lettuce…..romaine even, is clean and fresh. No pesticides. No bugs. No ecoli or listeria to worry about. I have gotten 6 yummy salads off of it so far.

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saying Yes!!! part 2

In the past week I have said Yes to everything I could. Things I did not really want to do but they were things that would make my kids happy……they were small things to me but huge to them. I have said Yes to myself and I have been doing Yoga everyday. I was doing yoga before I left on vacation. I found this really great Yoga teacher on Youtube . I just jumped in and pick a 30 day challenge without really doing any research. I did it for 8 days before we left. I did get some sunburn that made some of the moves painful so I took another week off after we were home to heal. While I was healing I did some research on Adrienne’s site. I found a new 30 day lesson to do. It is called TRUE. The first day was focused on Motive….Why you came to the mat. Why you have chosen to do yoga. Setting an intention. The second day was focused on TRUST. Trusting the journey. Trusting the teacher. Trusting yourself. I have found that by focusing on what she is teaching and really focusing on my breathing I am finding a calmness and peace I have not had before.

This coupled with the life changes we have coming up in our home……last two are graduating. I am changing careers, and there is a possibility of Daddy changing carrers.it can be a lot but I and finding that I am excited. The fear I felt a couple of months ago has gone away. It really seems to have left when I decided to say YES!!! Like I said on an eairler blog I heard a reality tv person say that she was saying yes to everything. Once you start to say yes to everything the universe makes a way for it to happen.

I am refocusing on my business. I am so excited. There are so many reasons for it at this time in my life and I know it’s the right thing to be putting my energy and time into.

Rita has been an amazing friend for a while now and when I posted about saying yes before she sent me this blog anout the shoulds and the musts in life. I read it a couple of times and I think while I agree with the message I would flip the meanings. I see shoulds and things I want to be doing. Things on my bucket list. Things that make me happy and my soul calm. Musts are all the things we have to do each day. The ins and outs of what a day holds. I want to focus on and say YES to as many shoulds as I can.

Steve Harvey talked about jumping. About taking that chance and jumping. Not worrying about who is there to catch you but to just take that risk. I am on the cliff ready to jump.

Will Smith also has a great message on fear and how it is what holds us back but fear and if we just jup we will feel the freddom and the greatness.

I haev been blessed with a man in my life that us willing to jump with me and support me now that I want to jump. He is ready and already investing in me with his time and support and it means the world to me.

Are you ready to jump?

We can chear each other on.