Whole food.

🍍A lot of people wonder how on earth we get 30 different plants into these capsules…
🍒First they're grown and picked at peak ripeness. Tested 4 times for herbicides, pesticides and contaminants etc.
🍏The whole plant is turned into a juice, and nothing is left out (includes peel, stem, seeds). It's then dehydrated into a powder while being kept at very low temps so the enzymes are still live, and then put in a capsule.
🍑This explains why it's not a multi vitamin. It's wholefood nutrition. There is nothing with or without a prescription that is proven to do what these capsules do!
🌶 Pretty amazing!🙌
#wholefood #prevention #nutrition #sosimple #healthyfamily #nevertoolate #gummiesforkids #freeforkids #eattherainbow



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