Vision board

We watched the movie called "The Secret" a month ago. It is really a great one to see if you haven't.

We have ours hanging in our bedroom where we see it before we got to sleep and when we wake up. And any time we come in the room. Plus I have a picture of mine on my phone.

We have tested the Secret with little things and it has work. Such a believe now.

Thoughts are powerful things. It's up to you to change them. In doing so you change your path.

The interesting thing is that the universe cannot decipher between a good or a bad thing. It just knows what you're thinking and focusing on. So if you say work is too stressful…….you find more reasons to be stressed. If you say I will finish this project……you will find the way to finish it. Truly amazing.

What is it you want to be a magnet for? Think about it. Then focus your thoughts on that. How will it feel to have that thing in your life? It sounds to easy but thinking positively can be hard. It may seem like it's not working. But when negativity has been your go to it will take time to make positivity your main way of thinking.


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