One simple change 

Oh my goodness the air was thick today but I got my 2.5 miles in before it got worse. 
This morning I woke up happy and ready for the day. Much like any other day. But today I knew I had my physical for my CDL. I knew for the first time in a while that passing would not be an issue. 
Yesterday I saw my regular physician. I had my 6 month check up. I have lost 31 pounds in 6 months. 12 of which were in the last 2 months. My blood work was amazing. And my blood pressure which was an issue last year was back down and my Dr was so pleased. She said if this downward path continues I won’t have to be on my meds much longer. Happy news. 
So I go in to my physical this morning and it was the first one in several years that was in and out and that I knew I didn’t have to worry.  
1 simple change is a powerful thing. Yes it has added up to many simple changes now but so worth it. 
#projectpositivehealth #happylife #core4 #onesimplechange #juiceplus 


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