The Collar

To those who have a collar or desires to be collared I have a question. Did you or do you will you or do you expect to have to earn it? Or should it be given as soon as the “ownership” is established?

The collar I wear now took almost a year to earn. Yes I had to earn a collar from my husband. But in that time we learned a lot about how this lifestyle could strengthen our marriage.

I have worn one other collar many years ago that was from an online Dom and even that one was earned.

The collar to me is the final step in making the Ds relationship committed and stable and not just a fling.

I have said many times that my collar means more to me than my wedding ring. With marriage I have seen too many people treat it like a business deal. Not something they put their whole heart. They are easily distracted and allow outside things tear the bond apart. They see it as something that the piece of paper and the ring should hole together and there is not any work. All of which could not be further from the truth. Marriage is hard work and it does take work!!! However with the Ds relationship I see that as taking things a step further. Your Dom is agreeing to take responsibility for and to care for all of you. Mind, body and soul. There is more expected from both sides. In real life or on-line. The expectation of being available and able to help when things are rough. It’s a huge responsibility. One that I think too many take lightly.

What are your thoughts?