Just like before. 

What have we been looking for? 

That is a question we have been asking ourselves that for a while now. We seem to have lost our way a little bit. There seems to be more issues than good times. 

Today we had a date. We went to the movies. We ran errands. No issues. I miss the days when we woke up and all was good. We would do the things the day required. Smiles and kisses and hugs. There was a time we were the couple everyone was jealous of. I miss that. 

I’m not sure how to keep the good we have today. I know there has to be a way. We are just struggling a little bit right now. 

Maybe we need to change how we look at us. Maybe we have been looking for the bad. I will be looking for the good in both of us from now no. 

12 thoughts on “Just like before. 

  1. Darling one… maybe sometimes we are just a little out of sync… and sometimes maybe life just muddles things a little… maybe there is something on your mind or His but neither can find the words … and yes, looking for the good is so much better – but so is bieng gentle with yourself and Him.

    i have just got a new little laptop, and finally can start to read you again… i also discovered that i no longer followed you…. so all is back to normal. Sweet girl – nothing can be perfect and lovely all the time, we need the downs so the ups are felt much more – xxx

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  2. Stepping back from the everday….like a weekend away in the mountains or away from everything and everybody might help reset the barometer of how you see things. Often also, it’s not giving what we would want…its giving what we would want if we were in that position.

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  3. Sometimes we do look for the bad as it is easier to see and accept. However, embracing the good and starting over is always good and can help you to rebuild bigger, better, and stronger. 💪💪💪💪

    Hugs to you both!

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