PSA of sorts. 

Shiny new toy syndrome. 
I think everyone has fallen victim to this. 

You know when you have a friend….in person, on line, pin-pal, it doesn’t matter the nature of the friendship. This friend gives you their time. They spend the time to answer your texts. Your phone calls. Your emails. And maybe if you’re lucky you get to see this person in person and they spare time for you. 
But then something happens and a bright new shiny toy catches their eye. They get distracted and seem to forget about you. 
All of a sudden you get those one word answers in text message. A half assed answer in email. No return call to your message. And heaven helps us you may just get those emojis as an answer. 
Now o will say being a friend can mean something different to each person but the basics are the same. If you say you care about some one then you shouldn’t make them chase you or question your loyalty. 
Yes everyone may get busy but it takes two seconds to tell someone you’re busy and you will get back to them with something better than …..ok, you’re so sweet, or just yes. 
The time you put into a relationship should be equal. 
Now while these friends are distracted with their new shiny toy and have forgotten about you they still expect you to be there when those toys break or the shine wears off. 
Now when they deem it time to make you a priority again and you feel the need to not return the gesture they will for sure call you out on your decision. They will ask what’s your problem. Why are you being so short? They seem to forget how they had been treating you. 
I truly believe these people should come with warning labels. “Warning….easily distracted by shiny new toys” 

That would definitely make life easier. 

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