Fork in the road 

I think in any relationship marriage, friendship, dating, Ds that at some point you will find that one person seems to be a little bit further along the road. Everyone grows, and learns at a different pace. There are many things that affect that. Happiness, sadness, loss, gain, anger. It’s how you come out the other side that defines where you are on the path. What do you do when you find that you still love each other but are in different places? 

Can you still be happy? Be happy together? 

I think it’s a little unfair to make the one you love feel bad over being in a different place. Or try to make them step back to be in line with you. 

Just as it’s unfair for the one that has grown to make the other one leap to match their place in life. 

Is it possible to still be a happy couple and not be in the same place? 

How do you navigate this life change? 

10 thoughts on “Fork in the road 

  1. I think you ask yourself if you want to take the path alone. Is taking the path more important than the commitment you made to each other? Two people cannot expect to have the same vision all of the time. Out of love you may have to delay or deny your own gratification for the other.

    I think you have to frame your perspective. Not look at what you don’t have but what you do have. Zoom out and see the bigger picture.

    Not knowing the circumstances understand this is all very generalized.

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  2. I will only say that over forty years, we’ve not only been at different stages on the path- I swear there were times we were on different planets.

    But we were always best friends first and loved one another from the soul. That allowed us to appreciate and hold on to the goal line. We believed in each other and knew we’d level out and reach it together.

    That’s not to say there weren’t times we had to willingly go into the ring and confront the things that were threats – we did. Our rule has always been – no winner/no loser, only learners – came out.

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  3. Depends on the people involved, the situation at hand, and other mitigating factors. Love, care, and patience can overcome quite a bit. However, one cannot truly force someone to put in effort they don’t want to.

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  4. Throughout my relationship the last five years, I have found that he and I have not always been on the same path. I see things differently than he does. We do not always want the same thing or agree on things. I have started to grow in a different direction than he is. He is still on the path he wanted and will not really bend to how I see things. Even though the way his path is doesn’t always work for for either of us. I am struggling to stay on a path that goes along side of his. I hope couples could be happy and make it work.

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