Love, Time, and Death

It was said in a movie that love creates, death destroys, and in the middle is time. 
I thought about that for a long time because for some reason it just didn’t sound correct. Yes it was a movie and I know they were trying to fit the pieces but I still thought about it. I came to the conclusion that it’s wrong. Love doesn’t just create. Love is what makes the time between creation and death tolerable. Love is what drives human beings. It is what keeps us living our life. 
Love doesn’t begin at creation. Love is a learned feeling. We aren’t born loving our parents because frankly our little brains aren’t really capable of knowing such a complex feeling. We know hunger. We know thirst. We know being tired. The basic needs that keep one alive. We haven’t yet learned love. 
As we grow we hear that word and slowly begins to learn what it means. Yes as a child you feel love, but I don’t think it’s yet comprehendible. It always starts out with affection. And you can see that in children. They have people they favor always going to them first. 
Even as teenagers I don’t think we really know what love is on a grand scale. We get crushes that are easily confused for love. We know how our parents treat us and say I love you but still, as a teen do you really get it? While we feel love throughout our entire lives, it’s not really until we become adults that we truly comprehend the depth of love and what it does and means to us.
Love is what drives us through our lives. It’s what fills the time before death to make life worth living. There are many different types of love and there are also many different levels. It can range from simple enjoyment, to the unconditional kind. We use our love of activities, love of friends, love of kids, love of partners, to drive us and keep us going from day to day.  
As young kids it’s the love of toys and games, as teens it’s the love of friends and going out, as adults it’s the deeper love you find in your mate and the unconditional love in your kids. These are what fills the time between creation and death. 
I think about what is important in my life and how I live each day. I dedicate myself to the people and things that I love. Above all else are Angel and the kids. It’s not until you are a parent that you realize that you would do anything for someone. We take the endless bickering, back talking, dirty looks, and stupid mistakes all for the sake of the love we feel for them. You see all the bad stuff is tempered by the smiles, laughs, hugs, kisses, and million other happy things we experience with them. 
As a teen I don’t think I would ever have been able to imagine the depth of love I could have for another person. The willingness to sacrifice everything for them. To put aside feelings to allow them an experience, to want to help them every moment of the day, to just want to be near them, hug, kiss, touch them. To know they are the most important thing in your life and you theirs. To want to spend time with them talking and laughing. To know they are your best friend. This is a love that surpasses anything I would have thought possible, yet somehow keeps growing every day. 
Death is steadily approaching day by day, but I know that the time before that comes will be filled with the love of planning my future with my Angel, enjoying the world around us, and the love we have for our kids and future grandkids. I also spend every day trying to figure out how I can increase this love and make it better for Angel. 
Think about your lives and the days in it, and think about how you fill your time. Think about the love in it. And then think about how you can make the time before death even more fulfilling.  


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