Serving Her

Most days I am the one in charge. The decision making in the house and relationship belongs to me. Being the main bread winner, making sure house repairs are done, taking care of the lawn and outside of the house, car repairs and maintenance, all the good things the man of the house should do.  I also make sure that Angel is protected as much as possible, no matter what the danger is.  Make sure she feels loved and cared for. 

In return, she serves me. She does this by doing her daily tasks. Makes sure that dinner is ready, clothes are clean, my wants are taken care of, and by meeting my every want in the bedroom. 

We live very much 1950s style. The man of the house with his faithful wife. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kids. She always fixes my plate for dinner, even when dining at someone else’s house. She starts my shower every morning. Packs my lunch, makes my coffee, cooks me breakfast. Makes sure I have everything I need for the day. 

I work, fix, repair.  I open the car door for her every time we go someplace. I order for her at restaurants.  I help her on and off with her coat.  All the gentlemanly things one should do for a lady. Yes we get strange looks. In fact, I picked her up at work the other day and when she was coming to the car, I got out, walked around the car just to open her door.  A couple of women who Angel works with were standing there and made a comment: “look what he did. He is whipped.”  I just smiled at them and then in the very next breath they said they were jealous.  We get strange looks from the wait staff when they look to her for her order and I give it to them instead. People wonder about us when I get up to walk out of the room and always make sure to give her a kiss. Always hold her hand. Again all the little things a gentleman should do. 

There are a great many people that don’t agree with our lifestyle, both the D/s part, and the old fashioned way our house runs. However there are a great many men who have told me they are envious of the things Angel does for me every day.  Most women are disgusted by it. There are also a great many women who are envious of how I treat Angel and wish their men would. Most men would never do it. 

I guess I kind of got sidetracked on my thought, but the point of all that is that I treat her well, and she serves me. She does far more for me than one could hope. However, there are days that I serve her. 

Today Angel wasn’t feeling well. We were supposed to go visit a dungeon this evening but she said she wasn’t up to going. If Angel is passing on a dungeon, then she is really not feeling well. Therefore, I made her stay on the couch, brought her tea fixed her favorite way, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor. I was her pillow for about two hours while she slept on my chest. (My arm was completely asleep at one point but I just love when she sleeps on me that I didn’t move for fear I would wake her)

Now all these tasks as things that are Angels responsibility,  not mine. However I think that no matter what your status of Dominant is, there are just some times where you need to serve your submissive. Today was that day for me and I was happy the whole time.

Relationships are a trade in power. They are work. They have their ups and downs.  Most of the time the sub severs the dom. But there are those times that the dom must be willing to serve her that makes the relationship really thrive. 


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