What’s in a collar? 

The collar….a goal all Submissive’s have. 

What does it symbolize? 

If you never reach that level does it mean you’re less of a submissive? Less owned? 

To really understand you have to research and learn for yourself. What does the collar mean? There are several types of collars. 

Now when you are concidering a Ds relationship the question of weather or not that particular Dom collars his subs should be asked. Some don’t want the outward statement. Some may use several types of collars before you get to your formal collar. It should take time to earn. And yes it is something you earn. 

There are many types as well styles are too many to name. 

Some times people prefer a ring, or a bracket, or a nice necklace. 

It is important to remember that the collar doesn’t make the relationship. The dedication and commitment to each other make the relationship. 

It is a huge step. One to not be taken lightly. One that hurts like hell when it is taken away. 

If you never reach that point that’s ok!!! It’s doesn’t mean your Ds relationship means less than someone else’s. 

Collars are the outward acknowledgment of the dedication and commitment that has been made between Dom and sub.  


One thought on “What’s in a collar? 

  1. Very nicely written Angel. I’m happy to have formally collared you a few years ago in a ceremony I won’t forget. It is meaningful, special, and show our commitment on a second level.

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