Coming Home

I’ve been away on business for over a week and finally got to come home last.  It has been a rough time away, not only for me, but for Angel as well.  Me being gone is probably harder on her.  She is left to take care of the house, the kids, and all the things that go with that.

When I left on this trip, instead of driving to the airport myself, I had Angel take me so she could also pick me  up.  We live about an hour from the airport so it would allow me to see her an hour earlier.  It was so damn nice to be able to hug and kiss her at the airport!

Ten days without being able to touch her…well, I couldn’t keep my hands to myself on the way home and in short time she also had her hands in my shorts.  On the way home we pass a secluded park and ride at the top of the mountain we go over.  Well, I decided that I needed to fuck her then so off I pulled, out of the car, bent her over the trunk, and within 30 seconds gave her an orgasm she so desperately needed.

We have talked about sex in public before, and while it was slightly secluded, it was also just off a busy high way where anyone could have pulled in and saw us.  Frankly, I didn’t care at that point…unless it was a cop lol.

Passion and need at it’s finest!


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