What does protection mean? Just like everything else it has many meanings. 

If you were to ask 100 people what being submissive means to them you would get 100 veariations. The same with what a Dom is. So why should protection be any different. 

On my feltlife profile I say I am protecting another submissive. I do this with the supportsnd encouragement of Daddy. He finds the relationship to be a good for myself and for the submissive I protect. 

I have a friend on twitter, who a little passive aggressively, said “I didn’t know you were domming” when I said I’m not I’m protecting someone. She said “what does that mean? I don’t understand protection” 

I tried to tell her that I am here to help him when he feels low submissively. She said she didn’t understand and seemed to be judgemental. Then on twitter I saw she donned an article Something worth reading when I read it I found it offensive, which my twitter friend will roll her eyes at and say of course. 

But when you read this “Really, why not just make some friends, you know, like normal people… and then… errrmmm… hang out together and look out for each other and give each other advice and… uhhmm… maybe act like grown ups who can take responsibility for themselves?”

it’s rude. We are both adults. We have friends. We are adults. We do take responsibility for ourselves. 

However everyone longs for that one person to hug them when they are down. To make them smile when it may be difficult. To rejoice in our achievements. And to cry with us when we are sad. But I know I am very careful who I let in. Who I allow to be that person. Not just anyone. Not someone that is negitvtive and judgemental all the time. Not someone that makes me feel bad about myself all the time. You need a positive person to help you. Someone to help you find the good in those bad days. 

So while my definition of protection may not be yours it is what’s works for us. On line or not. 

To judge and tear down people for their opinions  is one of the reasons why finding true friends on line. On twitter. In the blog world. Can be so damn hard. So fucking painful to have someone you thought was a friend treat you like shit and question how you chose to live your Ds. That’s not what we are supposed to do. 

We should support and love each other no matter what. 

So excuse me if I say fuck off if you can’t support. 


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