Jealousy is an ugly thing. It causes hard feelings. It makes you look bad. It can cause heart ache. 

I delt with jealousy many years ago when Daddy and I first got together. We were young and I had been in a bad relationship and I didn’t want to share. Once I was comfortable in our relationship that feeling quickly went away. 

I have felt jealousy in relationships with friends but again if you let that rule your head it bring you, the one fighting that feeling unhappiness, heartache and pain. 

This has been said to me many times by Daddy. It truly is a ridiculous thought. Not trying to belittle his thoughts but…….we have been together for 20+ years. We have been through things that should have broken us but instead we found a way to be stronger. So the fear of someone coming along and “stealing” me just makes me laugh. 

I saw this meme and it made more sense to me. Territorial is a much better word. Still not something you want to let rule your life but maybe more understandable. 

There a comes a time however that you have to trust your partner enough to know that nothing is going to break your relationship. That the foundation you have is strong. 

I think this is the same for women. 

The alarm can be hard to read. As a result we can come across to our loved ones passive aggressive. Mean. Short tempered. That can do damage. It can hurt the one you love. You have to be careful how you react to your alarms. 

Yes. Remember that you crave something. Make that feeling stronger than jealousy. 


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