Sex in a public place 

There is something about the idea of having Sec in a public place that turns me on. 

I don’t know if it’s the fact that someone may see. Or we will get caught. 

It sounds fun at first but there is always that looming thing of getting caught. But in a perfect world having sex someplace out in the open would be fun. 

It would be exciting to give Daddy a blowjob while in a movie theater. Or crawl under the table at a dinner. 

It could be fun to sit on Daddy’s lap and fuck Him while on the subway or at the library. 

We have pulled the car over ina dark parking lot and had sex in the back seat. That is fun. 

I have given Daddy roadhead several times. That is always a great time. 

The other night I picked Daddy up from the airport. He had been gone 10 days.  We had been telling each other how much we missed each other. And what we were looking forward to do to each other. I found him at the airport and we kissed long and hard. Then we got in the car. Daddy was driving I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I was rubbing His leg and finally made my way to His cock. Had to take it out. Rubbed Him, stroked Him. Finally leaned over and sucked on Him for a bit. I say uo and said I couldn’t wait till we got him. He found a secluded park and ride lot. It was empty….sort of. One car but we are sure it was empty. He had me get out and go to the back of the car and bend over the trunk. It didn’t take long for me to cum. Daddy thrust a few more times but He stopped and said He wanted to save the rest for home. There was a great charge to fucking in the open. 

The biggest thing is the exhibitionist side of me loves the thrill  of being watched. It’s a high. 

Wish it was more acceptable. 

What’s in a collar? 

The collar….a goal all Submissive’s have. 

What does it symbolize? 

If you never reach that level does it mean you’re less of a submissive? Less owned? 

To really understand you have to research and learn for yourself. What does the collar mean? There are several types of collars. 

Now when you are concidering a Ds relationship the question of weather or not that particular Dom collars his subs should be asked. Some don’t want the outward statement. Some may use several types of collars before you get to your formal collar. It should take time to earn. And yes it is something you earn. 

There are many types as well styles are too many to name. 

Some times people prefer a ring, or a bracket, or a nice necklace. 

It is important to remember that the collar doesn’t make the relationship. The dedication and commitment to each other make the relationship. 

It is a huge step. One to not be taken lightly. One that hurts like hell when it is taken away. 

If you never reach that point that’s ok!!! It’s doesn’t mean your Ds relationship means less than someone else’s. 

Collars are the outward acknowledgment of the dedication and commitment that has been made between Dom and sub.  

Coming Home

I’ve been away on business for over a week and finally got to come home last.  It has been a rough time away, not only for me, but for Angel as well.  Me being gone is probably harder on her.  She is left to take care of the house, the kids, and all the things that go with that.

When I left on this trip, instead of driving to the airport myself, I had Angel take me so she could also pick me  up.  We live about an hour from the airport so it would allow me to see her an hour earlier.  It was so damn nice to be able to hug and kiss her at the airport!

Ten days without being able to touch her…well, I couldn’t keep my hands to myself on the way home and in short time she also had her hands in my shorts.  On the way home we pass a secluded park and ride at the top of the mountain we go over.  Well, I decided that I needed to fuck her then so off I pulled, out of the car, bent her over the trunk, and within 30 seconds gave her an orgasm she so desperately needed.

We have talked about sex in public before, and while it was slightly secluded, it was also just off a busy high way where anyone could have pulled in and saw us.  Frankly, I didn’t care at that point…unless it was a cop lol.

Passion and need at it’s finest!

I miss it. 

I miss that love. 

I miss that support. 

I miss the laughs. 

I miss the hugs. 

I miss the long talks. 

I miss the connection that only comes from a girl friend. 

That unconditional love. 

The one person who knows when you’re quiet it’s a bad thing. 

That one person who doesn’t care what you have said or done they love you. 

That one person who is always there for you. 

That one person you will always be there for as well. 

There is a special bond. 

A trust. A love. 

You can’t replace. You can’t fake it. 

You can’t force it. 

I miss having that relationship. 

M. 💜


What does protection mean? Just like everything else it has many meanings. 

If you were to ask 100 people what being submissive means to them you would get 100 veariations. The same with what a Dom is. So why should protection be any different. 

On my feltlife profile I say I am protecting another submissive. I do this with the supportsnd encouragement of Daddy. He finds the relationship to be a good for myself and for the submissive I protect. 

I have a friend on twitter, who a little passive aggressively, said “I didn’t know you were domming” when I said I’m not I’m protecting someone. She said “what does that mean? I don’t understand protection” 

I tried to tell her that I am here to help him when he feels low submissively. She said she didn’t understand and seemed to be judgemental. Then on twitter I saw she donned an article Something worth reading when I read it I found it offensive, which my twitter friend will roll her eyes at and say of course. 

But when you read this “Really, why not just make some friends, you know, like normal people… and then… errrmmm… hang out together and look out for each other and give each other advice and… uhhmm… maybe act like grown ups who can take responsibility for themselves?”

it’s rude. We are both adults. We have friends. We are adults. We do take responsibility for ourselves. 

However everyone longs for that one person to hug them when they are down. To make them smile when it may be difficult. To rejoice in our achievements. And to cry with us when we are sad. But I know I am very careful who I let in. Who I allow to be that person. Not just anyone. Not someone that is negitvtive and judgemental all the time. Not someone that makes me feel bad about myself all the time. You need a positive person to help you. Someone to help you find the good in those bad days. 

So while my definition of protection may not be yours it is what’s works for us. On line or not. 

To judge and tear down people for their opinions  is one of the reasons why finding true friends on line. On twitter. In the blog world. Can be so damn hard. So fucking painful to have someone you thought was a friend treat you like shit and question how you chose to live your Ds. That’s not what we are supposed to do. 

We should support and love each other no matter what. 

So excuse me if I say fuck off if you can’t support.