Just a thought 

I was talking to a good friend of mine. He is very experienced in the lifestyle. He is in a committed relationship with a sweet girl. She is new to the lifestyle but enjoying the journey. 
When we were talking the other day he was telling me how she and her mother have been hinting at needing a ring. Pressuring for the engagement. They are living together and it’s the next step for sure. He wants to ask her to marry him just waiting for the right moment. 

His girlfriend at one point said to him “you want me to wear a collar but you’re hesitant to give me a ring, that makes no sense” 

My response was “she doesn’t get it yet”
My next response was I would happily, eagerly and with all my heart wear my collar with more pride than my wedding ring. Which he then said “YES!!!!! That’s how I feel” 
To me the collar has more meaning to true connection and commitment than a wedding ring. For those that are collared you know there is a whole other level of commitment that goes with the responsibility of owning someone. The connection is more intimate. The bond is deeper. 
In this day and age people are so willing to run, walk and or just turn their backs on a marriage. When things get hard they just walk away. In my opinion running away from my submission to my Daddy is running away from part of myself. The relationship is stronger and deeper than just our marriage. 
Yes I am speaking from a married submission but when speaking to my friend it didn’t seem too off base. In the blogs and posts I have read most feel the bond between a Master/Daddy/Sir and their baby girl/slave/submissive is strong, deep, and hard to break when it’s a true bond. 

Just a thought. 

Much Needed Reminder

I have a good friend and he is very open about how to have a happy, healthy relationship. He has such a cute family. He posted this the other day.

Successful relationship tip of day:

Men, you should be giving your woman a dose of Vitamin “D”, 3 to 7 days a week without exception.

P.S. also remember… Her first, then you, you selfish bastards!


I have to say that we have put being intimate on the back burner. Being stressed by work. Being tired. Being under the weather. They have all taken the front seat so to speak.

After I read my friends post and after thinking about how to get us back on the right track. I decided to go back to what I knew would make us better. SEX!!!!!

Yes SEX!!!! All the time. Touching. Talking about it. Letting Him know that I am thinking about it and that I want it. Be energetic when we actually have the time to be together. The past few days I have to say have been better. ( not that things were bad but they were stale)

So as 2016 comes to an end I have been trying to figure out what I want to focus on in 2017 and having a happy, healthy marriage is definitely on my list!!!!