Respecting each other. 

There are many social media outlets to meet and find other like minded people. Yes you have to wade through those who are just there for the cheap thrills or faking who they are. Usually when you have gone through those the ones you are left with are true and beautiful.  
Trying to live a life, marriage, relationship that isn’t the norm can be hard. Trying to figure out what works for you, and what doesn’t. Trying to find people that understand and you don’t have to tell a whole story every time is hard. 
Sharing experiences and asking for guidance is how we learn and grow. But first you have to be wiling to open yourself up, to expose yourself in a way so people can laugh with you, cry with you and hopefully help. 
Every relationship has its ups and downs. Daddy and I have had our share. As you learn and grow the relationship changes. As that happens there are some growing pains. That is where we are right now. Feeling the growing pains. 
We have been figuring out our place for 2+ years now. We have landed in a place that is comfortable. Peaceful. Calm. But can be unnerving as well. 
We are married….19 years in October. We have kids ages 15 to 20 (3 of them). Two are still at home. So having teenagers can make things a little difficult. Not much privacy. Daddy commutes 55 miles one way for work. So 110 miles all together everyday is spent in the car. He has a stressful days. Some are worse than others. I work as well. So some days are just exhausting. 
When Daddy posted a question looking for ideas on how to show more attention and affection to me I was surprised by the answers. 
Some were helpful and insightful. And those those I say thank you. Some were just mean. I am grateful for the life provided to our family from the efforts of both Daddy and myself. I am not a selfish woman demanding time and or attention. I don’t need to put my big girl panties on because quite frankly that is why we were drawn to Ds. I didn’t have to be dominate in the home. I could be submissive and have someone take care of me. 

This community only works if we build each other up. If we take the time to get to know each other or truly look at what is being shared or asked, we could help each other. 
I truly want sub sisters but it’s hard when you are met with such rude people. It makes letting people in difficult. 
Let’s be kinder to each other. More patient. Reach out of you have something nice to say. Make the community a place of growth and peace.