When you hear…

“I’m sorry”

“I love you”

“Call any time”

“I’ll keep in touch” 

“I’m always here for you”
You expect them to be true words. 

They have expectations in them. 
When you say them just because you think someone wants to hear them it hurts. It does harm. 
It hurts the one who says them too. It hurts your character. Your word means nothing. All other words are empty. 

M. ūüíú

The choice 

I have made the choice to get better. I refuse to let the hell we lived in to win and tear me down. I can be healthy and happy in spite of what has happened. It’s a choice each day to smile. To look for the good. To love my life. 

#healing #choosinghappiness #loveyourself #behappy

A bit of a ramble 

This really touched me. No not all wounds heal. Not all wounds are visible. Not all wounds are shared with the world. Many of us suffer quietly. We keep our dirty laundry hidden. 

Then when the pain becomes too much to handle in my experience I hid. I went to work and I took care of my family as best I could but I hid. I crawled in my rabbit hole. I allowed the darkness to take over. To rule my life. 

I suffered. My family suffered. 

While we tried to figure out how to live and how to heal we found ourselves alone. Found ourselves leaning on each other. Those of us in our little bubble. The 4 walls to our home. 

We still hurt today. It’s not like it was but the pain is there. The wounds are not bleeding out any more. But there is still blood. 

They always say you learn who loves you. You learn who your friends are when your world falls apart. I can say I have been surprised by who loves us. Who are friends truly are. The answer was not what I excepted but that’s life. We live and learn. 

We are learning to live with the pain. We are learning to live with the suffering. Learning to not let it rule our hearts and our lives. It has taken more time than k would have ever thought. But I know that my happy bubble is stronger for it. 

#loveathome #learningtoheal #learningtotrustagain #healing #forgiveness