Love comes in many forms. It can be hard to recognize it. Especially if you’ve been in a dark place too long. 

When you first feel real love again you can be scared and push it away. Then once you have pushed long enough and the ones showing you love have walked away, you blame them for the pain you now feel. 

You have to want to feel and give love. You have to be open to happiness. You have to be willing to work a little as well. You have to be open to how it feels. You have to take responsibility for your part in the two way street as well. 

Love is an action. And worth the work. 
M. 💜

Needing help 

Have you ever been on different pages? 

First Him. Then you? Then Him? Then you? 

We have had a few up and downs. 

I’m in a place of down. 

Daddy is the opposite and wants things to feel and be like before. 

How do you just turn back the clock? 

You can’t really. 

So I’m left feeling a failure and a disappointment. 

I had to switch my sexual drive off for so long that just flipping a switch to back on and on high is hard to do. I don’t know how to start. How to get to a place of a good sex drive again. 

Any suggestions? 

Any help?