My two cents. 

After the latest viral video showing a police officer in the wrong I am totally disgusted. (Now be fore you crucify me know I don’t think violence solves anything but. I also know we do not have the whole story) 
What happened to kids respecting the teacher? What happened to kids having respect to authority? What happened to kids having respect for their parents? 
The generation of kids growing up now have a false sense of how things truly are. They are given anything and everything they want, desire. Everything from clothes, cars, money. They don’t have to earn it. 
There was a time when you had to earn your allowance. When you had to earn that new outfit. We were raised that way. There was a time when it was unacceptable to talk back to a teacher. It was unacceptable to be rude to a police officer. 
What happened to the parents working together with the teachers? What happened to the parents supporting and backing the principle and the counsellors? 
Those days are long gone. Kids are not expected to behave any longer. They can act and talk however they want without consequence. 
We are doing them a disservice. They have a false sense of what being an adult really is. They expect to be handed that good paycheck and not really work for it. They expect their bills to be paid just because and by anyone but them. 
It’s disgusting. It’s wrong. We are hurting our selves. 
We are no longer the greatest country and this is one of the causes.