Angel and I were hanging out with some friends this weekend, just enjoying the company of some friends with a few drinks.  We have a couple of friends that know the full extent of how we live, but we also have a couple of other friends that just know a little.  One of these friends is well aware of the servitude that Angel does.  Angel gets up every morning (weekends excluded) to get coffee made, breakfast cooked and lunches together for myself and the kids.  This irks our friends so much.  She just doesn’t understand why Angel does what she does and tells me flat out that she thinks its stupid that Angel does that and there is no way in hell that she would do that for her man.

Well, I can tell you that this always just makes me smile at her and chuckle.  Why?  Because I feel sorry for her man.  He is stuck with a very selfish person, while I have the most caring, giving, and loving wife and baby girl that I could ask for.  And a damn sexy one too!

My heart 

This is my heart. I have it in a mason jar to protect it. This way you can see it. See the love I have for you. See how you make my heart full. But at the same time I can keep it safe. You can’t cut it. You can’t throw it away. I’m just hoping you never figure out how to break the jar.


This is perfect. Exactly how I feel tonight. 

We made the choice to try an unconventional way of living. The consequences have been more than I could have imagined. 

The choice while made with a good heart did not work. And now we are paying the price. Everyday I am reminded just how big a bill it is. 

All I can say is I am me. I am honest. I love fiercely and that may be my downfall.