Dear sweet little one 


Dear sweet little one. 

My heart breaks today. All I can say is I’m sorry. 
I’m sorry that your little voice will never be heard. 
I’m sorry that your sweet little face will never be seen. 
I’m sorry that your sweet spirit will never be known. 
I’m sorry that your value didn’t mean more. 
Please forgive me for not being able to help you. 
Please forgive me for not being able to protect you. 
This is a burden I will carry for the rest of my life. Just as your mom will as well. 
For me you are loved. You are wanted. For me you will always be remembered on this day. You will be celebrated. 
For me my heart breaks for you today. 
Please know you are loved. You always will be. 

What does love mean to you part 2 

I wanted to share the response I got to my blog from earlier. I  also sharing my response to them. We each have a voice. We each have a story and to tell someone their voice doesnt matter is wrong. We need to love each other. 

Dear Writer, 

It’s difficult to make a statement about love while insulting and belittling the people who share your same message. 
See, the entire purpose of our platform and even our hashtags can easily be summed up by your post. 
Had you invested in the message or the people behind it, you would understand that we very much know what real love means. 
Perhaps, that is why you see us asking our children to challenge their own thinking and tell us what love means to THEM. 
Thank you so much for your feedback. Feel free to get more involved and acquainted with our message. The point is that we shouldn’t need a hashtag or special occasion to show the children of this world love. The point is that your children, our children, and every child in the world, needs love. Their lives depend on it. And we are the parents. We have an obligation to stand behind our love with words and with actions. 

My response. 

Dear Writer 

I am very familiar and have made myself acquainted with your organization and the ones you support. When my child uses her voice to support something I research it very well. 

What I have found is yes your message of no hate, no bullying, that love changes people and that everyone has a voice are great messages. You have given kids strategies for using their voices. but some of the adults in your organization use their voice for both sides. i have seen them yell from the rooftop “Love changes people” “No hate” “No bullying” and then from their windows they do the opposite and belittle and insult people. 

You don’t know my story. You don’t know me. You don’t know what I have gone through. You don’t know how I have struggled and taught my kids to have a voice. To stand for what they believe in. And to do it with love. 

Like I said I am blessed with 3 amazing kids. My oldest was physically abused by another student in the first grade. When I went to the school to talk to them about it the principal informed us parents that she was aware of the abuse happening in class and that it would only be a temporary thing. That the student was there a short 6 weeks. She was trying to show the school board that she and her staff could handle integrating. I kindly told the principal that until he was gone my child would do a half a day and come in after he went home. I could not support her political agenda for my child’s safety. Then we get to middle school and young girls are just mean to each other. Teaching them to love and be kind can be hard. Then in high school she was bullied emotionally due to her physical limitations brought on by her auto immune disease. Again I told her to be kind. Let it go and try to smile. 

My youngest was bullied for over a year in middle school. We tried it the schools way which was to be kind and try to make friends. When the schools no bullying policy and tactics were not working we had her older sister go and have lunch with her. Once she witnessed the bullying she told them that it wasn’t acceptable. I will say that the bullying stopped. Then recently she was bullied again and told her voice didn’t matter. She is very open and supportive of her friends in the LBGT community. As a result she was told she was going to hell. The school again said we needed to tach the kids to be understanding and kind to each other. While the bullying and threats of violence continued. 

In all of this we have taught our kids to turn the other cheek. To still love your neighbor. But if you’re bullied leave the situation. You do not have to stay where you’re in harms way or told you do not matter because of you’re opinion. 

I feel that you have just done the same to me here and told my my opinion doesn’t matter. My voice is not one to be heard. Again you don’t know me. I work with and support LIUB. In my community. With the butterfly project. I may not wear my story like so many others chose to do but it is just as important and when it’s needed I share it. 

I know first hand from being a cutter and having attempted suicide myself and having 2 kids who are self harmers and have thought about suicide just how important letting them have a voice is. Just how much music can do to help. How important no bullying is. How no hate is the way to live. But I also know that professional help is also needed. That sometimes music can push a person the wrong way. That feeling you’re not heard can be harmful. 

I chose to love those who hate me. I chose to love those who say I am a horrible person. I chose to love those who harm me with their words. It is who I am. It is how I live. 

Thank you for your feedback

What does love mean to you? 


Love isn’t just a feeling. It’s an action as well.


I have seen this on line “what does love mean to you?”  Most of it is affiliated with a group that doesn’t seem sure of that answer just yet. But I guess they are trying and that’s what matters according to them.  

 Love to me means so many things. It’s in everything you do. Your actions. Your words. Your service. 

I am fortunate enough to start each day in the service of my family. I wake up and I enjoy the quiet time. I make 4 lunches. 4 breakfasts. 1 coffee. 

I can ensure that my families day has a good start and that they won’t be hungry during the day. It makes my heart happy to do this for them. I end the day much the same. Cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen. Maybe doing some laundry. 

I want my family to know they are important to me. That they are what makes my life worth living. They are my loves.


I  am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to serve. I love working with the kids I do each day. They touch my heart. They  remind me everyday to love as a child. They accept everything and everyone. No questions asked. No expectations. They love so simple. So freely. It’s a goal each day. 

 I am blessed with 3 amazing children. Yes one has chosen to shun us as her family. She is trying to find herself and she does not wish to have us on her journey.


The 2 at home still make my heart sing. They an sense when I’m having a hard day. When I am happy. When I am tired. They are helpful. They are kind. They are loving. It makes me happy to see that they have such giving hears. They are so willing to do for others. This will serve them well as adults.


I am blessed with a husband that loves me more than life itself. I would lay my life down for Him and I know He would do the same. To know a love like this is amazing to me. I’m not sure how we were lucky enough to find each other but I don’t take that love for granted.  

  When you’re trying to love those outside your home it becomes a bit harder. You show compassion. Yes a form of love. And some times it is reciprocated and other times it’s taken advantage of. But it’s hard to turn your heart hard when this happens. You continue to show compassion and do for them again and again and again.

 You do the little things. A smile. A hug. A text to say good morning. A call to check in. All of these are ways to show love. Show someone you care. That they matter.  

 Now while you may not always like those you have in your life. They hurt your feelings. They stop speaking to you. They treat you as if you know nothing. They do little things to annoy you. No none of these are fun but we can still show love. We can still try to show them they matter and are wanted and loved. 

 Love to me isn’t just a feeling. It’s an action and one not saved for just a few in your life but rather everyone you come in contact with. 

Thank you 


Daddy you are always there to scoop me up. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for wanting me. Thank you for leading our family on this amazing path. Thank you for having the level head that you do. Thank you for using me. Thank you for giving easier when you see fit. 

I would be nothing without you. 

You’re my whole world. 

I love you.