Give me peace

This is well written. Thank you Mel.

pushing our limits

A dedication to a lost member of this community. May you rest in peace, Ed.

Death by Kawaielli via Death by Kawaielli via

Silence the questions, mute the insults.
Give me peace, I need some results.

Stop this rollercoaster, let me get off.
Give me peace, please do not scoff.

Forgive my weakness, my heart’s neediness,
Give me peace, end this loneliness.

Open the future, so I might see.
Give me peace, so it might be.

Silence my desperation, give me a breath.

Give me peace, give me hope, or please…

Give me death.

Life is very hard. For some people, who do not believe in themselves, who find that they are simply too overwhelming for the world, who cannot find value in themselves without being valuable to others, it is very easy to believe they are not worthy of living. That the world would simply be better off without them.


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