October 9th. My second favorite day.

October has been a special month to me for close to 20 years now. Daddy and I were married on the 18th. It was a great day. Celebrating our love with family and friends. This marked the beginning of a great life together. Now October has another special day in it to us. The 9th. The day Daddy collared me and made me His forever. (I know I was his forever before but this feels different.)

Daddy planned the whole evening. He had asked me for my ideas and then He came up with the plan. It truly was an amazing night.

Daddy made reservations at the hotel in town that had a Jacuzzi tub in it, always a great time. Daddy had me bring our tea set and He had bought some new tea for the night. Daddy finds the rituals and the culture of the Samurai interesting and so we had kimonos to wear. He had picked mine out and it was beautiful, black with cherry blossoms on it. I found an amazing one for Daddy to wear. It is reversible and has a dragon on the back. (He looked so sexy in the kimono.)

I was instructed to change Daddy and then dress myself. He had me kneel and He explained what He expected from me. Then I was told to rise and start the tea. I made the pot of tea. There really is nothing better than the smell of a fresh pot of tea. Once the tea had steeped I was instructed to pour us each a cup. Then Daddy had me hand Him my cup. He took a sip out of it. Handed it back and I placed it on the table. Then He handed me His cup and told me to take a sip. I did and then handed it back. He took the cup and instructed me to then pick mine up again. We drank from our own cups.
“I drank from yours, you drank from mine, We drank from our own. Making all we have one in spirit and being.”
It really was an amazing thought. We were one, in mind, body and spirit. No better way to live.
*** Yes while I truly have felt we have been one as a married couple there is something deeper in the step we have taken that makes us stronger and more committed I think.

Then I was told to kneel, He removed the training collar from me and I was told to stand and recite the vows I had written. Then He recited his. (I have to admit I had tears just like on our wedding day) I then knelt in front of Him and He recited what the collar symbolized and placed my permanent collar on my neck.
**** This ceremony meant the same to me as our wedding day and if we had been lucky enough to have combined them together like so many others I can only imagine. But the intimacy of it just being us was incredible too.
My collar is a great representation of me. It is understated, simple, and beautiful.

He helped me up and kissed me and hugged me. Then He used me as He wanted. I could not have asked for a more amazing night. Then we used the hot tub. I have been on a submissive high since Thursday night. It really is amazing. I could not ask for a better feeling. I am calm and confident in the knowledge that I am His and always will be.

Training collar.


My collar.

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