The Cinnamon challenge

On August 25th Cinnamon and Sparkles made a list of what she needs in her relationship. She challenged us all to dot he same.
Here is my list in no particular order. I challenge you all to do the same.


1. I need to be spanked. It is a way for me to release my stress and feelings in a controlled way under your hand Daddy. I need the supervision that this gives. It is not a sexual act when used this way and I know you will make sure the aftercare fits the mood and situation.


2. I need to be held. To be loved. To be taken care of. I need to know that when I am emotional you. An handle it. I need to know that when I am sad it’s ok and you will hold me till I feel better. I need to know that when it’s been a great day you will hug me and share in the happiness.


3. I need rules and protocols. I need to know you will hold me accountable. I need structure and I need to not think about it. I need them to be written out and when I slip you pick me up and set me straight again.


4. Talking. Not just good morning and how was your day but talking. We have lost that and I need it. It’s important for us. We need the communication even of t seems little to you. If it happened in your day it’s important to me. If it’s a desire, a need, a want I won’t know if you do talk. And vise a versa.


5. I need to feel safe. I need to know that where ever you are you will protect me. Come to my rescue. Keep me from hurting myself. I am my worst enemy. I need to be protected from me just as much from the drama in the world.


6. Trust. I trust you Daddy with all I have. But I need you to trust me as well. Trust me in my actions. My words. That I will not hurt you or hurt us.


7. I need to grow. I need you to grow with me. In our relationship. In our family. In general. I want to be challenged to learn. My assignments help with this.


8. I need to be used. To be touched. To be your fuck toy. I want to be able to please you any way if can. Any way you want. When you want.


9. I need to he on this journey with you. I want to continue on this amazing path. I want you to push me and make me the Baby girl you want. I want to be pushed and made to try new things. To find my limits and push past them.


10. I want to be at your feet. I want to be your Baby girl. I want to be owned by you. I want to be Your property.

Daddy I want to be everything to you. Everything you need. Want. Desire.