The witching hour

The witching hour:
With a modern literal meaning of “midnight,”[1] the term witching hour refers to the time of day and night when creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful and black magic to be most effective.

This definition can be completely applicable for a baby girls head. That moment in the day when she is left to her thoughts and the demons and ghosts appear and take over all reasonable thinking.

We become overly needy and paranoid. When we allow all the bad thoughts to take over and we spiral down.

Some, (myself) allow these thoughts to consume them and we never reach out. Rather we lash out and pick a fight. Leaving Daddy helpless and without a defense against our harsh words and short tempers.

I hate this time of day. It happens everyday. It takes over and when Daddy is busy it gets worse. I can’t catch it. I believe all the horrible things in my head have to be true. Daddy is busy because he is talking to someone else. Daddy is busy because I have been bad and he doesn’t want to deal with me. Daddy is busy because he just doesn’t want to have to deal with my neediness and brattiness.

Why would I think these things if they weren’t true?? Making things up is just a crazy thought. 😜😜

I need Daddy’s help and he is unavailable. Even worse I have to he unavailable and not able to talk to him which means my head will just come up with more things to tell me.

I need help with the witching hour. With these demons that make my life and Daddy’s life a living hell.

I hate days like this

We get up. Apparently in the wrong side of the bed.

Then the question of death……. “Why are you cranky?”

Then it all goes down from there.

After that everything that is said is taken with a hidden message and as a dig.

No matter what you do to try to make the day better or to say to make the other one happy.

Say ok let’s start over and then something else happen.

You feel like Humpty Dumpty. All broken.


You all you need is his arms.